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Princess Problems

Princess Problems

PP Dark Pattern.png

The world's premier








cheerfully sarcastic


pop/rock/R&B scented band.



You've seen us live, heard our songs randomly, and are a fan of "PUSSY"

Sounds like Rihanna x Wu-Tang* x [that band you like]

Full-length album The Backwards Thank You coming soon!

*sounds nothing like Wu-Tang

More songs, remixes and acapellas available on SoundCloud

Photos by Anthony Adamick


Featuring Kasson

You haven't seen us live, but maybe you've heard "Sue Me"

Sounds like a princess riding a robot that likes to wear black clothing with diagonal zippers

Alternate Universe EP available now!


"I really thought I wasn't going to like this but I actually do!"

- John Smith - my tattoo guy

"Not what I expected, this isn't bad"

- Joe Doe - local music nerd

"I fucks wit' it"

- Jack Schmoe - actual friend

"Have you played this for your mom?"

- Jim Johnson - concerned acquaintance

"BTW, Josh told me he thinks your band is awful so high five! You're doing something right. I wanted to tell him "have you listened to your new band?" but I settled on "no they are awesome you just have bad taste.""

- Jeff Jones - ex-boyfriend but we're still cool

*All names have been changed

Instagram: @princessproblemsmusic